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Frequently Asked Questions

About Insurance

What insurances does McGuire's accept?
Click here to view the list.
How do I know what benefits my insurance company provides?
When you come in for your consultation, our office staff will gladly contact your insurance company for an answer.
My insurance pays for only a small part of a hearing device. What other options do I have?
McGuire's offers affordable financing plans, with interest as low as 0%. (Credit approval is required.) McGuire's also sells a wide range of hearing devices, with varying price points. Our licensed hearing dispensers will help you determine what device is both appropriate and affordable for you.

Ask Our Hearing Professionals

My friends bought hearing aids from the newspaper for only $29. Why are yours more expensive?
These devices are not considered hearing devices. They are amplifiers. A hearing device is a medical device custom fit and custom manufactured to meet the hearing needs for a specific individual, adding to its production cost and its value.
What if I purchase a hearing instrument that I don't like?
New York State has a 45-day trial period, allowing you to test your device. If there are any concerns about your device, the staff at McGuire's will work closely with you to improve its fit, performance, or use. Our team's goal is to ensure that patients enjoy a positive hearing experience.
My hearing loss is manageable. Why should I purchase hearing devices if I only have some hearing loss?
We know from extensive research that when the brain is deprived of a sensory experience – like hearing -- its ability to hear and interpret speech will deteriorate. As time goes on, the brain can lose its ability to understand and process speech, resulting in greater sensory deprivation.
Why do I need 2 hearing aids? Won't 1 be good enough to address my hearing loss?
The brain is wired to be "binaural", meaning that it requires speech input from two sources – your ears. While there are people who can benefit from just one hearing device, more than 95% of hearing-impaired people require two hearing instruments.
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