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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's) expand the functionality of hearing aids by helping you separate the sounds you want to hear from background noise. Additionally, they enable you to hear when the speaker is more than a few feet away.

With an ALD, the speaker talks into a microphone and the audio is sent straight to your ear. This avoids the degrading effects of noise and distance on speech intelligibility.

Bluetooth - More hearing aids are equipped to allow for gateway devices that enable digital audio streaming from Bluetooth devices to the hearing aid. If you enjoy Bluetooth-enabled audio devices such as cell phones, TV's, or computers, you will probably want to check this out.

T-coils - T-Coils allow individuals access to induction loop systems. An induction, or hearing loop system, gives off a magnetic field, eliminating the need for any receiver other than your t-coil located within your hearing aid. Using a t-coil and hearing loop together is seamless, cost-effective, unobtrusive and wireless. There is no need to obtain extra equipment.

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