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Tinnitus is the perception of sound within the ear in the absence of corresponding external sound. If you or a loved one reports possible tinnitus, a tinnitus evaluation should be performed by an audiologist.

Tinnitus evaluation includes a comprehensive case history including several tinnitus questionnaires that will be conducted at the time of your visit.

High Frequency Audiometry - Evaluates higher frequency tones typically not tested in an audiological evaluation

Tinnitus Pitch Matching - Evaluates tone and pitch of the tinnitus

Tinnitus Pitch Masking - Evaluates level of sound needed to mask the tinnitus

Loudness Sensitivity Level Testing - Evaluates for hyperacusis (sensitivity to sounds), misophonia (extreme dislike to certain sounds), phonophobia (fear of sounds) and decreased sound tolerance

Tinnitus Management

Sound therapy for tinnitus - or the use of any sound for the purpose of tinnitus management - is widely accepted as a management tool for tinnitus. The rationale for the use of sound in the management of tinnitus is to minimize the patient's perception of tinnitus by effectively reducing the signal-to-noise ratio between the tinnitus and ambient or environmental sounds. Often patients utilize a discreet RIC device that offers the necessary adjustability for use of the tinnitus management. One of our hearing health care professionals will tailor the device specifically for the individual's needs.

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