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The holidays are here, a time to reflect on blessings and gratitude. With that in mind I would like to offer a huge shout-out to the caretakers who come into our offices every day.

Thank you to the working daughter or son who makes time to bring in a parent so that together the stories of each day are told and heard. “Mom is so much more engaged – I’ve got my mom back!” one patient told me. Yes, and that is thanks to your support and encouragement.

Thank you to the neighbor or friend or niece, nephew or cousin who brings in a person who needs help and may not be able to come in on their own. It takes a village, and thanks to you your neighbor’s life is better.

Thank you to the mom or dad who understands that consistent use of amplification helps their child on the road to social and academic success. You are the advocate for your child, keeping teachers informed and better able to help.

Thank you to the grandchildren who slow down their own busy day to help grandma or grandpa make good use of their hearing aids. Intergenerational cooperation is a blessing that brings the wisdom of the elders and the savviness of youth together, benefiting all.

Thank you to the aides who accompany their patients with kindness and caring. They are counted on to monitor the patient’s daily well being, and that may include hearing care. They are the first line in the extra day-to-day support that assures good results: is the hearing aid working? is the battery functioning? They find a tricky balance between encouraging self-sufficiency but helping when needed. (I am so appreciative of the fine ladies who helped my mom during the last few years of her live, truly they were a blessing.)

I am humbled by these caregivers…they are heroic. The circle of life goes round and round. At some point we give care, and at other times we receive it. There is a grace in giving and in receiving. So to everyone who offers help with generosity of heart, and to all those who let themselves receive that help, thank you from all of us at McGuire’s Hearing Centers for being our most important teammates, and happy and peaceful holiday season.

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