Testing for Hearing & Balance Disorders on Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

Have you or someone you love been having problems with balance, clumsiness, or feeling dizzy? There are a number of issues that can cause these symptoms and besides consulting with your primary care doctor, you might need to see an audiologist here at McGuire’s Hearing Centers in Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY.

We can perform hearing tests and a balance assessment to help you and your doctor determine what might be causing you or your family member to have problems with hearing, balance, and dizziness. We can also give you peace of mind and provide you with information to help you better understand your dizziness.

Signs You Might Have a Balance Disorder

vertigo at desk

  • You feel dizzy or like the room is spinning (vertigo)
  • You experience a falling sensation
  • Falling
  • Blurred vision
  • You feel disoriented
  • You experience a ringing in your ears

Some people might experience other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, panic, poor concentration, depression, fatigue, and even changes in blood pressure and heart rate. Diagnosing what’s causing your balance disorder is an involved process because there are a variety of balance disorders as well as medical conditions that might have similar symptoms which is why you should always consult your doctor whenever you are experiencing symptoms of dizziness to rule out any serious issues.

Balance Assessment in Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

If you’re worried you or someone you love might have a balance disorder or your physician advised you to see an audiologist, you’re in good hands here at McGuire’s Hearing Centers. We have all the latest state of the art tests and equipment to help determine if you have a vestibular system problem and what type of balance disorder is causing your symptoms. Besides hearing tests, we will perform a balance assessments that includes Visualnystagmography.

doctor adviceVisualnystagmography (VNG) is used to determine if a vestibular (inner ear) disease may be causing a balance or dizziness problem. It is one of the only tests available today that can differentiate between unilateral or bilateral vestibular dysfunction. VNG testing is a series of tests designed to document a person’s ability to follow visual objects with their eyes and how well the eyes respond to information from the vestibular system.

Once we get the results of your tests, we will give you information and advice for you or you and your doctor so you can learn treatment options and how to cope with your balance disorder.

So don’t suffer in silence. If you’re feeling dizzy or suspect there’s a problem, contact us today so we can help.