McGuire’s Staff Participates in Mission at Yankee Stadium

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On Sunday, September 26, McGuire’s staff members helped fit 140 children with digital hearing aids provided at no charge during a special event held at Yankee Stadium. The hearing “mission” was organized by the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the philanthropical division of Starkey and Audibel. The companies provided free hearing devices worth approximately $500,000. “Our staff members were pleased to help these children receive better hearing that day,” noted Davis Carr, President of McGuire’s. “McGuire’s participates in several missions annually, and it’s a life-changing experience for the patients and for us,” he added.


Hearing Mission Scheduled For November 19

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The mission is sponsored by Help America Hear, a non-profit organization that helps raise funds for hearing impaired individuals who cannot afford the devices. Hearing device manufacturer ReSound is also participating. This marks the fifth time McGuire’s has participated in or hosted a local mission. The company has also participated in missions throughout the U.S., as well as those in other countries. For more information on the mission, visit FYI here.


McGuire’s Participates in Help America Hear Mission

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McGuire’s Hearing Aids and Audiological Services recently participated in a hearing mission sponsored by the Help America Hear Foundation, held at the Hearing Center at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. The devices were provided free of charge to patients who qualified for the program. “We were pleased to support the Help America Hear effort and to provide more than $30,000 worth of hearing devices to recipients at this event,” stated David Carr, owner of McGuire’s. “The gift of hearing is precious, and we are gratified when we can provide better hearing through the use of a device,” he added.... View Article


McGuire’s Hosts Mission In Riverhead

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McGuire’s Hearing Services hosted a hearing mission, in cooperation with Help America Hear (HAH) and manufacturer GN Resound, on November 19 at McGuire’s Riverhead location. McGuire’s audiologists and hearing specialists fit 20 hearing-impaired patients with devices that were acquired through HAH’s efforts. “It is such a rewarding feeling to make a difference to people who are less fortunate”, noted Dave Carr, owner of McGuire’s and a founding member of Help America Hear.


McGuire’s Joins Help America Hear and Resound For Hearing Mission

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On Saturday, October 26, about 15 people gathered at the Hearing Center at Montefiore Hospital. For many of them, what followed would be a life-enhancing experience. For at least one patient, the sweet sounds of laughing children, songbirds, music, and so much more were about to come alive after four decades of silence. Coordinated by the Foundation for Sight and Sound’s Help America Hear Program, the “hearing mission” was an opportunity for those in need to receive the gift of hearing – absolutely free. The Foundation partnered with hearing aid manufacturer Resound to make it all happen. Several audiologists from... View Article

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