Custom Fit Ear Molds on Long Island

hearing damage
Hearing damage is not to be taken lightly. Long exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage, and affect your ability to work, communicate, or detect hazardous situations. McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services offers custom fit ear molds to the greater Long Island area to protect your ears from high-decibel damage.

If you are occasionally or constantly exposed to loud sounds, please consider investing in custom fit ear molds to protect your hearing. Some commonplace high-decibel sounds include:

construction noise
Workplace noise (industrial, airports, landscape, construction, demolition, etc.)
ear protection
Shooting environments (Gun ranges, hunting, target practice)
Fireworks and other controlled explosives
loud music
Loud music or other media (concerts, clubs, festivals, etc.)

Hearing damage is permanent, but preventable. Our custom fit ear molds are a perfect solution for anyone that is concerned about hearing damage. Give us a call at any of our locations to see if custom fit ear molds are right for you.

Other Benefits of Custom Ear Molds

There is a world of uses for ear molds. Aside from protection from hearing damage, a lot of our customers get custom ear molds for other benefits. Some of these benefits include:

sleep improvement


Many of our customers have reported improved sleep quality, as ear molds provide perfect silence.

swimming ear portection


Many of our customers that love swimming and diving also love keeping their inner-ears dry. Ear molds allow our customers to swim without the irritation of water in the ears.

focus exam


Serious students studying for an exam, or those who need perfect silence to focus on their work, use custom ear molds to drown out distractions. A noisy office or classroom can be an unproductive place without ear molds.

custom ear molds


Musicians, DJs, gamers, and professionals that rely on immersive audio use ear molds to get in the zone. When you’re serious about audio, custom ear molds are the only way to go.

True quality custom ear protection in Long Island, NY

Call us at any of our locations to get started with custom fit ear molds in Long Island, New York. Your hearing is precious, and McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services is dedicated to making sure you don’t miss a single sound!