Digital Hearing Aids on Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

McGuire’s carries a wide range of hearing instrument styles and technologies developed by the world’s most advanced manufacturers. This diversity enables our professionals to prescribe the best instrument based on each individual’s hearing needs—not based on pressure by a manufacturer-owned hearing device company.

cic hearing aid

The Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

The smallest, least visible custom hearing device. These aids are very compact, yet have enough power to be suitable for most hearing losses.

ITC hearing aid

In-the-Canal (ITC)

Larger than a CIC, but still small enough to be cosmetically appealing with enough power to fit a wide variety of losses.

ITE hearing aid

In-the-Ear (ITE)

The most common of all hearing aid styles and is made from a custom mold of the patient’s ear to fit securely in the outer ear. The ITE offers easy positioning and adjustment by the user, as well as, a variety of options such as a telephone coil, which helps with communication on the phone.

BTE hearing aid

Behind-the Ear (BTE)

Connected to a custom-made ear mold and offers special programming and power, as well as, flexibility for use with telephones and assistive listening devices (ALD’s). This model is suitable for virtually any loss – even the most profound. ALD’s are also useful for those patients who experience recurring ear infections.

open fit hearing aid

Open Fit

The newest advancements in hearing devices allow us to provide an “Open Fit” in our custom hearing instruments. The Open Fit permits a natural resonance in the ear canal while virtually eliminating occlusion (the sensation of being “plugged up”). This provides a much more comfortable fit, and virtually eliminates feedback while automatically adjusting for clearer sound of speech.


About Hearing Device Circuits

Digital Sound Processing (DSP) – The latest advancement in hearing aid technology. These 100% digital hearing instruments provide “CD-quality sound.” It is the solution for clean and clear sound reproduction, low distortion and more precise fitting. These state-of-the-art instruments utilize mini-circuits, allowing us to fit any style hearing instrument to any level of hearing loss – including the most profound.

Digitally Programmable – Designed to provide two or more completely different listening environment options (“noisy” and “quiet,” for example). Sometimes a remote control is used to adjust hearing instrument functions.

Please remember that different hearing losses respond uniquely to different types of circuitry. McGuire’s hearing instrument specialists and audiologists can explain which type of circuitry options, such as directional microphones or feedback management circuitry, will be best for treating your individual type of loss.

Hearing instruments may not provide the same benefits to all patients nor will they “cure” hearing loss any more than eyeglasses “cure” impaired vision. However, they can provide a wealth of benefits, including maintaining clear speech understanding. Proper evaluation, selection, fit and auditory rehabilitation are all necessary to achieve the full benefits from your hearing instruments.

wearing hearing aidA hearing evaluation is the first step. If you know you have less than normal hearing, or suspect a hearing loss, a visit to our hearing instrument specialists should be your first step toward better hearing. Our clinicians will conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation to assess your hearing needs.

Once we have completed and analyzed your comprehensive hearing test, we will work together to determine your actual amplification needs.

Quality Hearing Instruments in Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

Hearing instruments are available in a wide variety of circuits and options. What one patient requires in his or her hearing device may be completely different from another individual. A hearing device your relative or neighbor has may not be right for you.

We are interested in your preferences and special needs. If background noise is a problem, we can design a hearing aid to help you. If you are concerned about the cosmetics of hearing devices, we have some very inconspicuous options. If you need to hear a speaker that is far away, we have recommendations that will help.

In fact, today’s hearing devices are so advanced, nearly every hearing loss can be helped with the use a hearing instrument. Our devices are widely available in a range of styles and circuits that complement your lifestyle.