Listening Devices on Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY residents who rely on hearing aids may want to consider looking into the perks that come from pairing their existing equipment with additional accessories that all of the McGuire’s locations offer. Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) expand the functionality of hearing aids by giving you the ability to manually isolate the sounds you want to hear, separating particular noises from the usual tumult of everyday life. As an added benefit, they extend the range at which you can hear a speaker. You’ll no longer be limited to only picking up sound from those who are a mere few feet away!

With a listening device, a speaker talks into a microphone, which sends audio directly to your ear and prevents the intrusion of other sources of noise. This prevents the sounds you want to hear from being degraded, and minimizes the effects of dilution and distance on speech intelligibility.



More and more hearing aids these days are being designed take advantage of everyday wireless technologies, which allows them to function as gateway devices that can be synced with Bluetooth-enabled devices. That’s right: you can now stream digital audio directly to them! If you use wireless devices such as cell phones, TVs, or computers to stream music and other media, this feature may certainly be of interest to you!

hearing loop t-coil


Telecoils (or t-coils) allow individuals access to induction loop systems, also known as hearing loops. Induction loop systems are found in audio devices such as telephones, and give off a particular magnetic field that your hearing aid can directly connect to by using a t-coil. Doing so eliminates the need for any other receiver or equipment to distinguish and separate individual sources of sound, and this arrangement can often be set up to automatically connect and disconnect. Using a hearing aid equipped with a t-coil and pairing it with a hearing loop is seamless, cost-effective, unobtrusive and wireless, giving you unmatched clarity when listening to particular devices and switching easily between them and other types of noise.


Next Gen Hearing Aids in Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

Whether you wish to get a bit more out of your current hearing aid or plan to shop for your first one, our audiologists can help you determine which, if any, ALD available ideal for addressing your particular needs. Give us a call today, and we’ll set up an appointment to go over your options!