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Centereach, NY-February 1st ,2021. McGuire’s Hearing Centers a provider of audiology and hearing aids services with 9 locations on long Island and the Bronx, has announced that it is joining forces with NYU Langone Health and Cochlear Americas to provide pre op and post op services to the severe and profoundly hearing impaired on Long Island. This partnership brings together three leaders of quality care and excellence. This is the first of its kind relationship on long Island to bring together private practice with a leader in Cochlear implant surgeries. This partnership will allow hearing impaired Long Islanders to quality care closer to home.

The owner and CEO of McGuire’s, David Carr BC-HIS said, “By joining forces with these two world renowned organizations just shows how hard my family and team of professionals have worked. For over 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to provide the highest standards of patient care, hearing instruments, products and services for the hearing impaired and their families”.

New York, NY- NYU Langone’s Cochlear Implant Center was established in 1984 making it the first facility in the eastern United States to implant a multichannel cochlear implant in an adult. NYU Langone Health has since been committed to advancing the field of audiology by performing clinical trials and presenting research that offers patients the latest and most advanced therapy and treatment options. The center’s professional team provides comprehensive cochlear implant services. NYU Langone Health has an unparalleled surgical team and therefore one of the few centers in the world who offers cochlear implant surgery under local anesthesia with sedation.

McGuire’s Hearing Centers is collaborating with Bill Shapiro, Au.D., CCC-A, supervisor of audiology at NYU Langone’s Cochlear Implant Center and Suzan Waltzman, PhD, co-director of NYU Langone’s Cochlear Implant Center to facilitate this program. As a result of this partnership, NYU Langone Health will have the ability to extend their services beyond the city and work closely with a private practice in providing exceptional patient care. Strong communication between all three organizations has been established and the use of evidence based practices will allow this partnership to expand patient care.

Lone Tree, Colorado: Cochlear Americas mission has always been “We help people hear and be heard.” Through empowerment, transformation and innovation Cochlear has provided more than 600,000 implantable hearing devices to people in more than 180 countries. Cochlear Americas established the Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) to expand services for private practice Audiologists and offer more patient solutions. Cochlear Americas has been working closely with McGuire’s Hearing Centers and NYU Langone Health to ensure a successful partnership.

Cochlear Americas provides a unique support system for the CPN program. A CPN territory manager (Kristen Munson), who has been vital in developing this partnership. A clinical territory manager (Kate Tona), who is available for all clinician needs including but not limited to candidacy, evaluation, and software support. Furthermore, Cochlear provides a team of volunteers and engagement specialists to each region to help patients through the cochlear implant process.