July 17, 2019

"I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. About 6 months ago I realized that I was hearing little or nothing at all in my right ear. Assuming this was part of the aging process and worsening hearing loss, I lived with it. It recently got so bad I was finding it impossible to successfully work at my job, that as a salesman, where hearing your customers desires is a number one requirement. An appointment for a hearing test with the amazing Paula found that I had somehow lost a hearing aid dome in my ear canal. Paula successfully removed the blockage and miraculously restored hearing to my offending ear. Thanks to Paula’s above and beyond effort I will once again be able to hear family, friends and customers without the annoying “please repeat that” and “could you please talk louder” and other requests that a hearing impaired person is all too familiar with. Thank you Laura and Mcguires for great care and treatment. "
June 3, 2019

"The front line of the office in Riverhead is headed by Fran Siano. Fran has a very important role at the Riverhead Office. She is the first person that everyone sees before their appointment. I have sat in the waiting room over the years and have seen many types of clients. Some are angry, depressed and just generally upset. Getting a hearing aid is a major step for any person. It touches on a number of emotions. Fran has a wonderful way with the clients. She listens very carefully as to what they are saying, and approaches them with an understanding of what they are going through. I have had first hand experience with Fran. I am so thankful for her assistance in so many areas. McGuires, you are so fortunate to have a staff member who is a positive member. Thank you for Fran Siano."
November 12, 2018

August 11, 2018

"Mary is amazing, great service and very professional"
July 11, 2018

Happy hearing aid wearer

"A real miracle happened! I went into Mcguires in Riverhead and my most favorite person, Mary Boh, in the universe told me that it’s time for a new aid. Usually I bolt from the room for fear of all the getting use to stuff. But, it’s Mary. Having Mary means the following: 1. Mary walks in front of me and handles the hearing aid problems. I never worry. 2. Mary understands what I am feeling in terms of problems with the aids. 3. I never leave the office because Mary won’t let me till the problems are resolved. I now own a set of new aids. I sat with Mary while she fine tuned the aids for me. I have no fears of the aids. Mary will take care of me as she always has. I am a very fortunate person to have Mary in my life. Corny, but I say a prayer for on a daily basis. Thank you Mcguire. Your organization is so fortunate to have Mary. A happy hearing aid wearer Rena Rosenfeld "
McGuire’s Hearing Centers