July 11, 2018

Happy hearing aid wearer

"A real miracle happened! I went into Mcguires in Riverhead and my most favorite person, Mary Boh, in the universe told me that it’s time for a new aid. Usually I bolt from the room for fear of all the getting use to stuff. But, it’s Mary. Having Mary means the following: 1. Mary walks in front of me and handles the hearing aid problems. I never worry. 2. Mary understands what I am feeling in terms of problems with the aids. 3. I never leave the office because Mary won’t let me till the problems are resolved.I now own a set of new aids. I sat with Mary while she fine tuned the aids for me. I have no fears of the aids. Mary will take care of me as she always has. I am a very fortunate person to have Mary in my life. Corny, but I say a prayer for on a daily basis. Thank you Mcguire. Your organization is so fortunate to have Mary. A happy hearing aid wearer Rena Rosenfeld "
March 14, 2018

"When I was 40 and needed glasses, I got them without a second thought. Now in my 70s with some loss of hearing, I recognized that I had to take action to assure I could comfortably do my work as a newspaper reporter. Dr. Bohr and her staff were patient and there was no hard sell. I could have walked out without buying the hearing aids with no pressure. But I chose to get the units and have had them for a couple of weeks now. They are comfortable, not visible and on both levels 1 and 2, I am very pleased with the increased hearing ability I have. I will be returning in two weeks for a move to level 3 that for me will restore me to a normal level of hearing. But the adjustment period has been very easy. I chose McGuire's having written about Les Paul using its services when, as a gifted musician, he needed hearing aids. Glad I made the choice. Yes, I could have had my hearing tested and bought hearing aids for less money through a number of vendors. But as a new user, I wanted the guidance that came with choosing McGuire's that has truly been a partner in my journey. I'm pleased that I made the decision I did."
August 15, 2017

"Sandra could not be more helpful. Excellent service."
May 4, 2016

"Awesome Michael was the nicest most helpful person we could have ever worked with. Thanks so much for making our vacation more beautiful for my mother when her hearing failed on her."
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