Cerumen Management and Ear Wax Removal Services on Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

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If an audiologist or another medical professional has recommended “cerumen management,” they are talking about ear wax removal. Cerumen is the medical term for ear wax, and often, the cerumen must be cleaned out, as excess accumulates in the ear canal. Excess cerumen can impede the ear canal and is responsible for a tremendous amount of hearing aid faults. Ear wax can build up not only in the ear canal but within the speaker in the hearing aid as well.

Cerumen Management Treatment and Ear Wax Removal Options

McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services offer a variety of cerumen/ear wax treatments. If you’re having issues with ear canal impedance, difficulty hearing, or hearing aid performance hindrances, there is a good chance that excess ear wax is at fault. We offer the following services in regards to cerumen management:

External examination of ear canal

To properly gauge and treat your cerumen condition, we will need to perform an examination on the outside of your ear. This is a necessary step in getting a comprehensive picture of your cerumen issues.

Eardrum examination

To get to the root of your ear wax problems, our staff will examine the interior of the ear canal. We investigate discoloration, obstructions, swelling, or any other irregularity that may be causing discomfort or auditory impedance.

Ear Irrigation

Also known as a “warm water flush,” this gentle procedure sends a torrent of warm water through the ear canal to flush loose excess ear wax. This is a common treatment for cerumen management.

Referral to a physician or specialist

If hearing impedance or excessive ear wax is a symptom of a bigger health problem beyond the scope of our services, we can absolutely refer you to a specialist to help make a proactive health choice.

If you’re experiencing hearing issues related to excessive ear wax or irregular cerumen, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or visit us at any of our locations. These symptoms are uncomfortable, have a negative impact on your quality of life, and could be a sign of a bigger medical problem.

Cerumen Management in Long Island, Bronx and Westchester, NY

For an expert examination, swift and painless cerumen management procedure, or referral to a specialist, give McGuire’s Hearing Aids & Audiology Services a call, or visit us at any of our Long Island, Bronx or Westchester, NY locations!

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